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You have to constantly be aware of whom and where people are, the location of assets, and the condition of your property. You want your security information to be compatible with IT Systems so that your entire organization can operate more effectively. Very challenging, we know!

So, whether you are responsible for the security at an office complex, manufacturing plant or a ​distribution center, we can help you be certain that the security technology and service you have is protecting your people, property and assets to allow focus on the business at hand.



Sky Watch Security provides leading edge solutions that give you oversight to security, information and operations; providing safety and security for government agencies and facilities. Sky Watch collaborates with you to create a secure environment for employees and visitors, while keeping intruders and danger out. Sky Watch Security is experienced in adhering to the most challenging government standards.

Sky Watch Security understands the complex environments of government facilities.  Our Certified Security and Electrical Technicians, alongside our management, have the technical expertise and project experience to provide solutions  for highly complex scenarios for our valuable clients. 

Small Business


Whether you are seeking to upgrade your current system, protect a single-story building or connect multiple sites in fully integrated security systems, we can provide your business with the best security equipment to meet your specific requirements, priorities and budget.

Sky Watch Security will allow you to develop a flexible business security framework that will reduce costs, while providing advanced alarm technology to meet your specific business needs.  

In addition to our monitored security systems, Sky Watch Security provides a variety of other additional services which can be added to your system to increase full value of your security system.

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